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TF2 clan logo

2009-05-15 18:08:27 by TheBoyOfAges

Well im done with the basic idea of it; I'd wish to do more but I might not get the chance with the fact my mom may cut off the internet soon, but anyway how does it look.

Edit: I finally finished it; by getting resizing all the images and reworking the name.

TF2 clan logo

While entering 6 period; we see a assistant principle waiting for someone in there. She tells us that we're getting a sub and shes there to wait for him. 5 mins pass he gets there, and he's a gym coach so we all know we're not doing work. Me and some other students race to the coms to do what ever we want. Someone asked "Hey what are the rest of us gonna do"? Then one of my classmates gets up and says "Well I got the new x-men movie on bootleg" . He pops it in the class TV and it really is it.

I've seen plenty of bootlegs before, but this was something else. This was a production DVD will most of the special effects still under work. The claws where completely silver unless they where props, when high jumping occurred the lines could be seen, there where notes on some frames on where more things had to be added, there was even a scene where wolverine was hit by a truck and as he was going over it; he was nothing but a grey com generated character.

By the time the bell rang we saw more than half of the movie. I'd say its worth paying to see the real effects, but damn where did he get that dvd!?

FREE great province of People's Republic of China DAMN IT!

2009-04-01 23:09:27 by TheBoyOfAges

Why must the evil oppressors (China) hold on to the once proud land.

FREE great province of  People's Republic of China DAMN IT!

Chicago soon...

2009-02-05 02:08:07 by TheBoyOfAges

Well my sister has actually made it through basic naval trainning and now shes asked for alot of us to go over to chicago to see her move up the millitary lader. I might post pic on the BBS if they are good.

Finaly a flash

2008-10-28 17:03:06 by TheBoyOfAges

After a long time of work and convincing some friends to help we're almost done with our first flash; we've done almost everything except the lip sync and some minor animation.

Finaly a flash

MGS themed cellphone wallpaper

2008-10-06 01:10:54 by TheBoyOfAges

I was bored like any other night right now and watched the MGS collab one more time just for the hell of it, and got the idea from watching a few cell phones ring off with the alert sound. I found some good rips of them from a site and put them as my ring tones. Then I thought about finding some good wallpaper for it. Sadly most that I found where too big for my cell to format correctly so I opened up GIMP and started to make my own.

This is a first attempt and I might repost the newer one when I get around to it.

Cell dimension are 128 by 160, a portion of the images art cut into this i.e. Solid's face.

If anyone wants the sounds of "!" and "Call" from MGS go here.

MGS themed cellphone wallpaper

My fanfic has been choosen.

2008-09-05 22:04:50 by TheBoyOfAges

my fanfic is of solid snake and starfox with the need of hypnotism.

Today I was given an ultimatum (I really wanted to use that word) from my mom. I was asked if I wanted to stay at my new school or go back to my old one (I know doesn't seem that big). Here at the new place I'm known as this weird interesting kid that others can hang out with, but at my old school I'm the weird kid that others don't feel like hanging out with but don't mind talking to at lunch. It seem like I should just stay but my mom thinks that I'd be better off going back, but my only disagreement is that we're not moving so I have to drive about 20 miles just to go to a place where I'm one of the obscure kids with nothing going for him, but my two best friends do go there and I could have a chance to be around them again.

*Sigh* To stay with some people that kinda like me and go to a class where I might really learn something, or go back to the place where im nothing more than a quite kid at the back of the class talking to my two best friends?

Its strange on how my mom reacted to my choice. She thinks I'm trying to stay a child by not going back, but wouldn't me going back prove that I wasn't ready for change and have given up? It's funny seeing how badly she thinks she knows me.

Free Tablet?

2008-08-06 14:13:17 by TheBoyOfAges

Lets see my friend has made a deal with some guy he knows, and sense he doesn't think his mom would agree to freely give out their address to someone she doesn't know I'm now the middle man in this transaction. So hes agreed for my help me and him will share the tablet on a monthly basis. I'm pretty sure one of us will eventually fight over it, but this looks like a good deal.

In other words

"Sweet free tablet!"


I just got it today awesome! I set up all the programs and just waiting for one last item to have it all. that damn pen that I need to really draw with it!

User hunt cont.

2008-06-13 12:18:46 by TheBoyOfAges

Still I search for the names of profiles of those who make them for needless alts... (this guy actually submitted something and that was it...ever) (really sad in my book)
(its funny how the only one of the old elements is a real user is ) ( I felt retarded for finding them but it was funny)

Well thats all for my now weekly alt hunt. Hope I don't catch you as a useless alt.

P.S. I found this one just now for the celebration of the day.